Monday, April 14, 2014

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 21 (Season 5 Finale)

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 21
Season 4's Exciting Finale "A"

Here we are at last! The season 4 finale to AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead!  Join us as this motley crew talk about the highs and lows, theories and epiphanies of this exciting episode called "A" - why is it called "A"? and what is Terminus all about?  The Rick-centric episode brought in a record 15.7 million American viewers and gave us flashbacks, human mutilation, instructions on rabbit trapping, child rape, cannibalism, and Legos!

Your host Rictor Riolo from Spike TV's Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty brings everyone together for this dead webcast: Tammy Murray,  Zoe Stark, Shawn Evidence, and Rob Serafinowicz, our new commentator!

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