Monday, April 14, 2014

After Hours Discussed Les Stroud's Survivorman: Bigfoot (Part 2 of 2)

After Hours with Rictor
The topic: Survivorman: Bigfoot, Les Stroud and Todd Standing PART 2

This is the webcast Todd Standing doesn't want you to see. In part 2 of our discussion of Survivorman: Bigfoot on After Hours with Rictor, we all are in agreement, there is nothing wrong with making money off of Bigfoot. Bigfoot is BIG business. But what Todd Standing selling? Is he trying to pull something over us? And who is his target audience? We hope you come away from this webcast questioning authority and that there is nothing wrong with making money off of Bigfoot... unless the evidence points to fraud... or Todd in this case.   We present the evidence, and you can decide for yourself.

Spike TV's Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty cast member Rictor Riolo is joined by co-host Sweet Sassy Tammy Murray, Team Tazer Investigative Reporter, Steve Alcorn, and acclaimed Bigfoot researcher and authoress, Kathy Strain.  

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