Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here's What I Learned About David Paulides During His Lecture in Oklahoma City

Imagine my joy to hear that there was going to be a lecture about Bigfoot DNA at the Science Museum of Oklahoma on Saturday, January 19th, 2013. And that it would only cost $5 to attend. Being invited by my good friend Amy Hurley made this an offer I couldn't refuse. 

We were greeted by a long line of people waiting to get in that share the interest and curiosity of the mystery of Bigfoot. I estimated the attendance was around 250. 

The lecture started out with Harvey Pratt. An American forensic artist and Native American artist, who has worked for over forty years in law enforcement, completing thousands of composite drawings and hundreds of soft tissue postmortem reconstructions. He shared many examples of his drawings from witness descriptions of Bigfoot. He also referred to Bigfoot as a “Tribe of Humans”. 

David Paulides was the second act of the lecture. He opened with a history and credibility of his organization, the North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), whose purpose is to prove Bigfoot exists with scientific proof, as well as his involvement with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

His presentation began by explaining that the NABS was the only Bigfoot research organization that required a signed affidavit from witnesses to insure they are being truthful by accountability. Then things got weird when he talked of a person that saw a rectangular window open out of thin air and a Bigfoot step out of it, as well as orbs and other phenomenon, and that we should be open minded.

He spoke of the Melba Ketchum DNA “White Paper” which had been submitted and that when it was published we would all be amazed at the results. There were 110 DNA samples collected and the results were going to show the world that Bigfoots are like humans.

At the end of the lecture, Paulides invited questions from the audience. Of course, I had to ask if any of those samples were from the Sierra Kills. The answer was, “Yes”. I also asked if they were from the same sample that recent test results proved were from bear with human contamination. He said, “No”. He also said that Smeja had lied to the authorities and was in fear of being arrested at any time.

After the Q & A there was a book signing table and I felt compelled to ask if the sample they had that showed human hybrid DNA was from the Sierra Kills “Bigfoot Steak”. The reply by Paulides was in a very defensive and harsh tone. He told me that Smeja sent a piece of flesh from a bear he killed to an alternate testing site to cover up for the lies to the authorities. But the sample that they had and still have was not bear. 

A phone call I made to Justin Smeja got this response: “Paulides’ comments are idiotic and moronic and are absolutely ridiculous.”

From Bart Cutino: “Paulides has never met Justin Smeja to make that accusation. I know he has never had a fear of being prosecuted and initiated contact with the California Department of Fish and Game to do a formal interview and allow them to test the tissue and they were not interested.”

So, in conclusion, I am somewhat surprised that the Science Museum of Oklahoma would host a lecture with unproven theories and so heavily laden with biased opinions and obvious contempt for others involved in Bigfoot research that disagree with their conclusions and public statements.

After Hours Episode 8 - JUSTIN SMEJA STATEMENT

After Hours 
Episode 8 - February 25th, 2013

This was After Hours eighth webcast. February 25th, 2013.  Host Rictor Riolo and his lovely co-hosts:   Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray and Zoologist Nadia Moore discuss Justin Smeja's statement located here and Ketchum's accusation of him being a murderer!  There is a lot to cover so hang out and join in on the debate!  Bigfoot Evidence blogger Shawn Evidence and Team Tazer contributor Steve Alcorn join in on the webcast talking about the Erickson Project's Matilda footage, Dr. Ketchum's DNA circus, and all things Bigfoot. 

After Hours Episode 7 - MATT MONEYMAKER

After Hours
Episode 7 - February 21st, 2013
(Note: We apologize for Matt's audio, he had to call in and we had him on speaker phone)

This was After Hours seventh webcast. February 21st, 2013.  Host Rictor Riolo and his lovely co-hosts:   Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray and Zoologist Nadia Moore had the rare privilege of interviewing the star of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, and president of the BFRO, MATT MONEYMAKER!  They join in on the discussion of trailcams, Bigfoot evidence, Matilda footage, and all things Bigfoot. The topic of Dr. Ketchum's DNA circus comes up as well. Blogger Shawn Evidence from Bigfoot Evidence participate in the chat.  

After Hours Episode 6 - TYLER BOUNDS



After Hours
Episode 5 - January 7th, 2013

This was After Hours fifth webcast. January 7th, 2013.  Host Rictor Riolo and his lovely co-hosts:   Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray and Zoologist Nadia Moore bring you Tyler Bounds from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot! They talked about everything under the Finding Bigfoot roof, the vocal recordings Tyler shared on TV, and all the background info our favorite show.  

After Hours Episode 5 - BIGFOOT EYEWITNESSES

After Hours
Episode 5 - December 27th, 2012

This was After Hours fifth webcast. December 27th, 2012.  Host Rictor Riolo and his lovely co-hosts:   Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray and Zoologist Nadia Moore discuss two different Bigfoot eyewitness accounts from Team Tazer fans: North American Giant's Jim Fox and Squatcher's Lounge Jeffrey Kelly.  Plus all the latest DNA news from the Sierras Evidence Initiative, Dr. Melba Ketchum's DNA circus and the Mid-America Bigfoot Research group with their alleged captured Bigfoot.

Shooting 101: with Justin Smeja and Rictor

Shooting 101: with Justin Smeja and Team Tazer

The Sierra Kills Bigfoot Killer, Justin Smeja, took Bigfoot Evidence's Blogger, Shawn Evidence, and After Hours Host, Rictor Riolo, out for a lesson in target practice. Don't worry forest people, no Bigfoots were harmed... this time.


Episode 4 - December 12th, 2012

This was After Hours fourth webcast. December 12th, 2012. Host Rictor Riolo traveled to Sacramento, California to meet Zoologist Nadia Moore to do their webcast in person with Bigfoot Evidence Blogger Shawn Evidence and Justin Smeja.  Co-host Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray remained in Oklahoma and discussed all the current stories involving Bigfoot. From the Patterson video, the Sierra kills, and the current hoaxers trying to perpetuate their agendas. 

Mystery Tragedy on Sassy Glassy's Farm

After Hours webcast co-host, Tammy Murray, stumbled upon a grizzly scene of death and gore when she went to her barn to feed her beloved pet turkey of 7 years, Fred. An animal opened the barn door, and dragged the 20 pound bird out and hid it under a tree... trail cams were placed and the photos revealed the answer to what the mystery animal was!

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After Hours Episode 3 - CLIFF BARACKMAN

After Hours
Episode 3 - December 4th, 2012

This was our third webcast. December 4th, 2012.  Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray joined host Rictor Riolo and co-host Zoologist Nadia Moore to discuss the Florida Brown thermal footage with Stacy Brown and his father from They had a special guest, Cliff Barackman, from Finding Bigfoot, who did his own research on this video. Rogue Bigfootah Bill Brock, also joined in on our discussion.

After Hours Episode 2 - TRUTHER GIRL SONIA

After Hours
Episode 2 - November 30, 2012

Sonia from The Truther Girls joins us in our second broadcast to discuss the recent Dr. Ketchum DNA findings and all the conspiracy theories out there regarding Bigfoot. Host Rictor Riolo is joined by his hosts Tammy Murray and Zoologist Nadia Moore. For more information on The Truther Girls, check out their link:  We talk about the recent Dr. Melba Ketchum announcement that she has proven the existence of Bigfoot. Her history in the world of bigfootery is explained in part by SnowWalkerPrime Michael Merchant. And a few simple questions posed for Dr. Ketchum to answer. 

After Hours Episode 1 - PREMIERE SHOW

After Hours
Episode 1 - November 25, 2012

This was After Hours debut webcast. November 25th, 2012. Rictor and his friends, Squatch Unlimited's Melissa Adair and Sweet Sassy Glassy pendant making Tammy Murray joined Rictor Riolo on this great experiment. Rictor wanted to create a webcast that was different from what is aired on by using Google+ and he was able to achieve something new. Everyone was very nervous and looking back, they were quite the train wreck, but they learned real quick and have come a long way.

Our Bigfoot eyewitness friends Lupe Mendoza from Texas and Winona Alexis from British Columbia share their Bigfoot experiences as our Zoologist Nadia Moore joined in along with Squatch Unlimited's Rob Gaudet, and's Shawn Evidence. They discussed all things Bigfoot, Dr. Ketchum's Bigfoot constitutional claims, Bigfoot experiences, footprints, and all the latest news!