Monday, October 20, 2014

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 22 (Season 5 Premiere)

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 22
NO SANCTUARY (Season 5 Premiere)

The Walking Dead's season 5 started off with a BIG BANG and we are off and running talking about the highs and lows of NO SANCTUARY. I think we can all say we were surprised at how short we were at Terminus. Probably a good thing. Joining Rictor Riolo is Tammy Murray, Zoe Stark, & Rob Serafinowicz. Sadly Sanh had to sit this webcast out, but he will be back. What's in the menu? Is Daryl gay? Did Tyreese's balls finally drop? Does Rob talk about the prison AGAIN? Watch and find out and be sure to subscribe. We love hearing from you. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

After The Expedition...

Rictor and Tammy discuss the exciting events of their bigfoot expedition from the Sierras: Bigfoot Nation. Justin Smeja, Stacy Brown, Kipp Morrill, Shawn Evidence, John  Harper, Theresa Finch, Michael Lorentz and Ro Sahebi were in attendance and things got very interesting.  While dealing with unusual wood knocks, rock throws, FLIR recordings, Rictor getting the shit scared out of him, and up to 18" foot impressions... Rictor and Tammy and other expedition members were paid an unexpected visit by Law Enforcement and Fish & Game! Rictor seized the opportunity to ask them about their policies on Bigfoot... You will be surprised!

Derek Randles from the Olympic Project was called in later in the program to discuss the ethics of shooting wild animals (out of season) for the sole purpose of using as bait to catch a Bigfoot. Where do we draw the line? The repercussions of this are disastrous at Justin Smeja's kill site and we had to deal with Forest Rangers going through our camp, thanks to a poacher Bigfoot researcher... 

There is a lot to share and talk about on this webcast!