Monday, October 20, 2014

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 22 (Season 5 Premiere)

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 22
NO SANCTUARY (Season 5 Premiere)

The Walking Dead's season 5 started off with a BIG BANG and we are off and running talking about the highs and lows of NO SANCTUARY. I think we can all say we were surprised at how short we were at Terminus. Probably a good thing. Joining Rictor Riolo is Tammy Murray, Zoe Stark, & Rob Serafinowicz. Sadly Sanh had to sit this webcast out, but he will be back. What's in the menu? Is Daryl gay? Did Tyreese's balls finally drop? Does Rob talk about the prison AGAIN? Watch and find out and be sure to subscribe. We love hearing from you. 

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