Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bigfoot Researcher: Diane Stocking Neiss (Part 1)

When it comes to Bigfoot research, there are very few female investigators out there who have a golden reputation that take Sasquatch seriously. Diane Stocking Neiss is one of them with 40 years under her belt. Join us for this special 2-part interview on After Hours with Rictor where Diane lays out the ground work on how to be an investigator.  Do your homework. Read. Get out in the woods. Use scientific method. Don't lie about your work. Credibility is everything. And credibility is relative. Video after the jump!

Dr. Johnson Exposed! Science vs Science Fiction (Bluff Creek Project Part 2)

On this special episode of After Hours with Rictor, Jamie Wayne from the Bluff Creek Project shares with you their unexpected contribution to California's wildlife science... their trail cams captured a once thought extinct creature called a Marten. This discovery made the news! 

Plus he shares with us the detailed approach to the discovery of Dr. Matthew Johnson's Habituation circus called SOHA. Were there portals found? Did The Bigfootses welcome Jamie and Steven Streufert? Were Jamie and Steven receive a physical by Sasquatch? Did they experience mind speak and were they zapped by Sasquatch? Did they witness a Bigfoot cloaking? Were orbs and interdimensional doorways present? Because Dr. Johnson claims all that happens to him at SOHA. This is science vs science fiction at it's greatest, folks! Video after the jump!

Steven Streufert and Jamie Wayne: Bluff Creek Project (Part 1)

After Hours on Location: Bluff Creek - This special edition webcast occurred near the actual Patterson Gimlin film site with Jamie Wayne and Steven Streufert as our guests. Topics include their trail cam efforts in trying to capture this legendary creature at this historic site and confronting public scrutiny from Kelly Shaw (from the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch organization). It's a serious and lighthearted discussion on the valid importance of science coming before beliefs when it comes to Sasquatch investigations. Video after the jump!