Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bigfoot Nation Returns! PREMIERE

The long anticipated second season to the original YouTube series, Bigfoot Nation has arrived. Nine months in the making, this show once again raises the bar in Bigfoot entertainment. Perhaps it's not the hairy cryptid that's a the monster, but instead it's the people?

The show's description: In this episode of Bigfoot Nation, Bigfoot Bounty alumni cast member Rictor Riolo organizes the epic meeting/showdown between two of the most hated people in the world of Bigfoot. Hoaxer Rick Dyer and alleged Bigfoot killer, Justin Smeja (Rictor's Bigfoot Bounty co-star), meet for the first time while exploring the claims made by Dr. Matthew Johnson that Bigfoot... is your forest friend.

SOHA (Southern Oregon Habituation Area) is a magical, mystical place where Bigfoot will feel you up and heal your medical problems. Rictor, Dyer, and Smeja call Bull^%$#! 

This is the second season of an original YouTube series created by The Crypto Blast and Off the Rictor Productions. This is something the Bigfoot Community has never seen before and will always remember... Bigfoot Nation.

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