The Host: Rictor Riolo

Rictor Riolo is the host of The After Hours Webcast and the Talking Dead Deadcast and cast member of Spike TV's Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.

He is an artist who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and loves Star Wars, and Madonna music. 
Yes he is gay and a sucker for hot clean cut muscle men.

He believes Bigfoot is real and thinks there is a government conspiracy covering it up.

“There is nothing so rewarding as to make people realize that they are worthwhile in this world.”
-Bob Anderson

Rictor can be found on Facebook and is easily reachable. on Twitter @Rictor_Riolo


  1. Get a clue about sasquatch and stick with art and waiting tables,you know that subject. you came across as a clearly jealous man who thought he had nothing to learn on the subject. Very sad,

    1. Such shame. I don't see you on a TV show. Get on one first then come at me bro. Much love.

  2. Please, check out the crap Todd standing is shoveling on "unsealed,conspiracy fillies"bigfoot episode.via Netflix.he shows his "proof" on the show though the show never calls it such. How does Todd keep getting time on these shows?

  3. KIPP is a jealous piece of caca. He needs to find an alien to take his smelly ass far away. Better yet, target practice on his bear ass.

  4. Good show. Get rid of that little girl "KIPP". He's a real loser that has no business being part of these bigfoot videos.