Friday, March 11, 2016

Loren Coleman on After Hours (Part 2)

Sadly, the second part to Loren Coleman's interview on After Hours with Rictor was over looked on this website. We have it here at long last in case you missed it.

After Hours concludes it's interview with acclaimed cryptozoologist author, Loren Coleman. What is the fundamental problem with the Bigfoot world? Is it the media? Sensationalism? Backbiting? Using unknowns to explain the unknown? Is all of this attention on Bigfoot creating a "they vs us" problem? Loren Coleman addresses all of those questions. Dr. Ketchum's DNA work, Dr. Johnson's portals, Newsweek, and the History Channel's recent "Bigfoot Captured" are also discussed. "Look at the data..." This cryptozoologist author tells it like it is! Video after the jump!

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