Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rick Dyer on After Hours Part 1

For the longest time Tammy Murray and Rictor Riolo did not talk about hoaxers on their Bigfoot webcast until they had the Squatch Detective Steve Kulls on their show back in April. They realized they had turned a blind eye and condoned hoaxing by not addressing it. 

Randy Filopovic who once went by the moniker racer X, who has created and maintained a blog site dedicated to Rick Dyer and who is intrinsically linked to Rick Dyer whether he likes it or not has recently said this: "Where were these people two years ago when Dyer was a bigger problem? By "these" people, I mean people in the community who have a voice."

Well Randy, better late than never. And here we are! And thank you for watching. All Rictor, all the time.

Each Bigfoot generation has had major drama, fighting between Bigfoot personalities  Roger Patterson vs Bob Heronimous, Rene Dahinden vs Grover Krantz, and now Rick Dyer vs The Bigfoot Community/Racer X. 

After Hours with Rictor refuses to not be hypocritical, even if it means we go against popular opinion. This is why this is the #1 Bigfoot webcast.