Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 25 Slabtown

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 25
Slabtown (The Return of Beth)
What is this? A twisted episode of General Hospital?  Where was Beth taken? Was she saved by Father Gabriel? Nope. Was she eaten at Terminus? Nope. All of our speculation was tossed out the window. Meet Slabtown, the strange hospital ran by bullies. Yeah, this was kinda stupid and the weakest episode of season 5 thus far. But that doesn't stop Rictor, Tammy, Zoe, Shawn and Sam from having an insightful discussion about Beth's long awaited return. Enjoy this fan based webcast for AMC's hit show, The Walking Dead where we finally meet a female antagonist, Dawn Lerner. You'll never think of Clozapine the same again after this! 

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