Monday, March 24, 2014

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 19 The Return of Carol!

The Walking Deadcast: Episode 19

The Walking Dead Deadcast covers five episodes from season 4: Episode 9 through 13,  After, Inmates, Claimed, Still and Alone.  It's literally moments after the carnage with our group of survivors being scattered and on the run, their world had been destroyed by the Governor.  Maggie and Glenn are separated and the question of "is baby Judith alive" is answered. Carl gets a reality check and Rick escapes a scary situation. We see Carol's return along with characters from the comic book being introduced: Sergeant Abraham Ford with his merry band of friends Rosita and Eugene. Beth is desperate to "do something" while Daryl is forced to baby sit her and deal with his own guilt.

Tammy has returned to Rictor's group, but Zoe had to call in and give her thoughts by the phone!

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