Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog post by Tammy Murray

Disillusioned? Disappointed? Discouraged? Despair!! 

By Tammy Murray

I think it's safe to say these words and only scrape the surface of the range of emotions that are being felt in the Bigfoot Community today.

As a Bigfoot Enthusiast full of hope that one day we will all be able to share in the celebration of the discovery of a new species, I am experiencing all of these feelings.

In my opinion, the scope and magnitude of the Ketchum/Erickson Hoax (yes, that is how I will refer to this scam) is beyond imagination. This fictional work based primarily on the "Erickson Project" will be filed in the same category as the "Georgia Freezer Boys Hoax".

What does the future hold for Bigfoot Research? Hopefully some solid evidence that will redeem the shattered Bigfoot Community.

May the Farce be with you!!

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